Giresun is a city located in the Black Sea Region of TÜRKİYE. Giresun has lots of historical and natural beauties. Being on the Black Sea, Giresun has many advantages; for example, it stretches along the coastline, boasting a unique cultural heritage. Giresun has hosted many civilizations, helping us to have a rich culture. The history of Giresun dates back to ancient times. The region has been managed by the Persian, Roman, and Byzantine Empires. Giresun Castle has held a strategic position throughout history and has been of interest to many civilizations.

For natural beauty, there is a serene atmosphere where green and blue come together. The palm trees lying on the beach and the clean sea attract attention from visitors. Additionally, Giresun is the capital of cherries and hazelnuts. Visitors say these hazelnuts are the best they have ever seen in their life.

Giresun has more than these; it also has lots of folk dances like Horon, Halay, and Karşılama. Moreover, Giresun boasts a variety of cultural foods, including Karalahana Çorbası, Tel Kadayıf, Karalahana Sarması, Hamsili Pilav, Fasulye Turşusu Kavurması, Pezik, Görele Pidesi, Hamsi Böreği, Yağlaş, Mendek Çorbası, Isırgan Çorbası, and Darı Unu Helvası.

The districts of Giresun are Piraziz, Bulancak, Giresun Merkez, Keşap, Espiye, Tirebolu, Görele, Eynesil, Alucra, Çamoluk, Çanakçı, Dereli, Doğankent, Güce, Şebinkarahisar, and Yağlıdere.

Also, in Giresun, hazelnut harvest occurs in the summer, and people often don’t even have time to eat. After the hazelnut harvest, it’s time to collect and cut woods for staying warm in the winter, and people generally work every day. This means that the hazelnuts on our tables go through a long and difficult path until they get here.


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