Be Careful While Using Internet

Internet is used by all of the world. It works for sending information to the computers, smart devices or getting information. Internet has some basic concepts they are “ html, URL, IP, htpp and DNS”. Internet is used for researching(%62), health(%62), shopping(%58), banking(%50). Tourism and job searching are popular. Firstly, Internet was used by supporting sort of computers and searching military projects in 1969.

Internet has big things, also has good things. You can use for searching help for your homework, help for your job, have fun, news, giving information, have a job on Internet, discussing, shopping, learning about a minor health problem, learning shortcuts for something, having a hobby, reading… It is a great site for Internet but it has bad sides like everything is bad. We should not use it too much. We are using Internet on screens and if we spent so much time in front of, our eyes can hurt. We may have addictions and it is really scary. Our muscles are getting slower, eyes are getting more deteriorated, brain works slowly (we think slowly). Also we can have psychological problems like being alone, depression, being a social.

You can experience bad events on Internet. So we need to be careful on internet. Always we need to check which websites use on. When we are entering a website; they want passcode ,email, phone number (sometimes credit card information). And we need to look for if it is a fake, copy webpage because sometimes cheaters can make fake ones and they can take your information. Also we need hard passcode and you can add your phone number and email for more security. You need to be careful when you are spending time in Internet.


Utku Mete Uğur

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