Hüseyin Özbek

Hi everyone! I’m Hüseyin from Türkiye. I’m a high school student in Istanbul. I’m proud to inform you about the wonderful city of Istanbul, the other eighty cities and even some European cities. I hope you will benefit from my articles.

Seyit Furkan Sapa

Hi. My name is Seyit Furkan. I was born and grew up in Istanbul. I have been interested in technology since I was little. I try to improve myself every day in this regard. I want to be an engineer in the future. I also plan to be an important person.

İldar Enes Avcı

Hello, I am Ildar. I am editor on news category at Vocham. I like creating and developing content in English. I am also a junior developer on web development. I hope you will enjoy while reading.

Yusuf Bera Sarıhan

Hello I am Yusuf Bera and I am editor of history. I am 16 years old. I am interested in history. I like reading books. I love Ottoman Empire and my favorite sultan is II. Abdülhamid.

Mustafa Semih Bekçi

Hi, my name is Mustafa Semih Bekci. I’m from Çankırı. I’m a student at Omer Cham High School. I have been writing since 9th grade. I’m the sports editor this year. I hope you will like my articles.

Mustafa Efe Gülgüner

Hello everyone! My name is Mustafa, and I’m a high school student in Istanbul. I am passionate about travel, and I aspire to explore the world. The country I want to visit the most is France.

Muhammet Emir Dilekoğlu

Hi everyone! My name is Muhammet Emir Dilekoğlu and everyone calls me Emir. I am studying in Pendik Ömer Çam Anatolian Religion High School. My hobbies are playing soccer, intelligence games and some kind of video games. My biggest dream is to be a dentist. I will be working to achieve my goals and improving my English here.