Hi, everyone today I will explain you Kütahya. Kütahya is a district located in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey.  It stands out with both its historical and natural beauties.  It is also a district that attracts attention with its rich cultural heritage.

 There are many important buildings that reflect the historical texture of Kütahya.  The most important of these is Kütahya Castle.  This castle, which dates back to the 6th century BC, has become the symbol of the city.  In addition, other historical buildings such as Kütahya Clock Tower, Bedesten and Çinili Mosque enrich the cultural heritage of the district.

 Kütahya’s traditional culinary culture is also very rich.  There are many flavors specific to the district.  The most famous of these is Kütahya pita, which resembles “meat bread”.  In addition, a meat dish called “kuzucuk”, a type of rice with minced meat such as “Kütahya keskek” and a breakfast dish called “çılbır” are also among the important dishes of Kütahya.

 Kütahya’s traditions and customs are also the elements that make up the cultural structure of the district.  For example, traditional wedding ceremonies known as “Saruhan Wedding” are among the important events of the district.  These ceremonies are enlivened with folk dances, music and dance performances.  Additionally, events such as the “Ceramics Festival” are also held in the district.  In this festival, local and foreign ceramic masters come together and exhibit the beauties of ceramic art.

 Kütahya’s traditional handicrafts also contribute greatly to the culture of the district.  Handicrafts such as tile making, hand weaving and carpet weaving made in the district are important elements that reflect the unique identity of Kütahya.  Kütahya, which is famous for its tiles, is also known for its many handcrafted decorative products.

 As a result, Kütahya is a district that attracts attention not only with its historical and natural beauties, but also with its cultural features.  Kütahya, which highlights the cultural identity of the district with its original dishes, traditions and customs, offers visitors an unforgettable experience.

Muhammet Emir Dilekoğlu

Muhammet Emir Dilekoğlu

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