Dodge Has Revealed The New Challenger SRT Demon 170

After being a member of Stellantis Group, Dodge’s crazy performance department SRT was decided to be shut down. However, before that heartbreaking farewell; the SRT department had one more thing to say: The New SRT Demon 170. This new version of Challenger produces a whopping 1025 horsepower and 1281 Nm of torque with E85 fuel. With the daily fuel we use, which is E10-E15, it produces 900 hp. It reaches 100km/h from 0km/h only in 1.66 seconds and completes a quarter mile only in 8.91 seconds. These figures make it the fastest-production muscle car ever.

To produce this much:

power, Dodge changed nearly the whole drivetrain. Supercharger gets an upgrade
and becomes 3.0 litres instead of 2.7 for instance. The throttle body gets
bigger also. With all the upgrades, the amount of boost Demon 170 produce
reaches 21.3 psi. In addition to these, Dodge uses an engine management system. It allows you to know the percentage of ethanol in gasoline. Thanks to that, it adjusts the spark timing and fueling to
optimize the output of the powertrain. The whole 1025 hp is available over 65 percent. You can also order a harness bar, carbon fibre rear seat delete panel and even a parachute. 

Some other features:

Optional set of wheels made out of forged aluminium and carbon
fibre,(sheds 20.12 pounds at the front
and 11.98 pounds at the rear) Bilstein shocks that raise the rear by 0.39 inches.


There are not many changes in the front. Unlike the Demon Redeye Hellcat, 170 does not have fender flares. That difference saves 16 pounds. A new badge is also used. With 170 neck tattoos and yellow eyes, it refers to the E85 fuel. The Demon is available in 14 exterior colours.


Customers who want their car to be light can get the Demon 170 with just a cloth-upholstered
driver’s seat and no rear bench. And to even lighten more, customers can get the car without a trunk carpet, sound insulation and a two-speaker stereo. Customers who want both luxury and power can also prefer leather seats with heating and
ventilation system. Heated steering wheel and 18 speaker stereo is included in this package.

Price and Production Figures:

Dodge plans to produce 3000 units for America and 300 units for Canada. They will be sold for 96,666 dollars.


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