The Fuhrer

Look at that cute baby; 

You think he can be a problem? Can he ruin the world, start a bloody world war, lead Europe to catastrophe, cause a cold war? Absolutely, nope. Can he destroy democracy and drag an entire state into a quagmire in order to gain power? There is no way! He is just a little, adorable, cute boy. Think twice because his name is Adlof H*tler. 

He was born in a little town of Austrian-Hungary on April 20, 1889. His father, Alois Hitler, was a customs officer. When Alois’ ex wife was dead, he got married his cousen Klara. They had 3 children but all of them died at an early age. Finally their fourth child was able to cling to the life. And that was the boy we mentioned. His mom Klara was fond of him, Adolf. But his father would have done nothing but chastise him.  

(Klara and Alois Hitler) 

They had to move many times due to family circumstances. Little Adolf did well at school, despite constantly changing schools. But he was a little bit mischievous in adolescence. He once organised his class and had them attack the other class. That night his father punished him harshly. Beacause of his father Austrian-Hungary’s officer, Alois would support them. Adolf would think the exact opposite of his father’s thought. He was a German nationalist. (Long live Germany) 

During these times, his friend who was like a brother for Adolf died. It was one of the biggest trauma for Adolf. He had a psychological breakdown. People around him observed that he started chatting to himself, spent time in the cemetery, and no longer studied at school. His school life had been a complete fiasco. He turned himself to reading and drawing. 

Meanwhile, his father died. He felt himself free now. His friends would realise that he was interested in politics, was angry like his father, was a successful speaker. But he was passionate with drawing. He went to Vienna for the auditions but he was not selected by the juries. Probably, the juries would regret their mistake years later. Don’t ask why.  

On his way back from Vienna, he lost the last branch to hold on to life; his mother died. He was so depressed. He was alone on his journey of life anymore. No more the streets were a house for him. But he had to recuperate and he did. He wanted to do someting about art. But his every attempt ended in failure. On his age of twenty, he did everything on the streets to gain money.  

(Youth of Hitler) 

At that time, antisemitizm was widespread on the city. Also Adolf was an antisemite. He supported the political organisation that are anti-semitic. For their opinion, the Germans were the highest race in society and, conversely, the Jews were the lowest. His nationalism turned into racism. 

He was old enough to join the army. He escaped from Austria-Hungary to Germany. He joined the first world war voluntarily. After his Street life, the war made him feel perfect. He was a  brave soldier. He went temporarily blind on 1918 and was hospitalised. Meanwhile, Germany surrendered and was forced to sign the Treaty of Versey. Hunger and debts surrounded Germany. There was an army limitation due to the treaty. They decreased their army from three million odd to one hundred thousand.  

Because of he could not be able to be a soldier, he became a intelligence officer. After a while, he became a member of German Workers’ Party (Deutsche Arbeiterpartei). He mesmerised everyone with his speeches. He took the control of the party. He changed the name of party to Nazi Party (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) first, and then changed the logo.   

He drew the soldiers who is unemployment just because of the army limitation to his side. There were about ten thousand of soldier under him. He would desire to come to power. He propagandised, delivered speeches that are irate, and thus the party became well-known. 

The country was in shambles. France was looting and vandalizing Germany. The government had collapsed and that was the moment to stage a coup against the government for Hitler. He attempted coup inspired by Benito Mussolini (Italian dictator). But the coup attempt failed and he was arrested. He mesmerised the judge and served 5 years prison sentence instead of life imprisonment but had done time his 9 month in jail. But the place he spent time was like a hotel room rather than a prison. He penned his book “Mein Kampf” (my fight) at that time.. 

He became a well-known person for Germans through these events. But in 1928 German federal election, he just got 2,6 per cent of the vote. Local people would know her but would not trust. Local people split in right wing and left wing due to the economical crisis. In 1932, Nazi Party became the influensist party in parliament. Paul von Hindenburg was the president of the German Weimar Republic in that time. Hitler would want him to make himself chancellor. Hindenburg had no chance except for make him chancellor, because Germany had confronted increasing threat of communism. Hitler became the chancellor of Germany in 1933. He was searching any way to get rid of the communists. He burned the parliament building and blamed the communists. 

(Parliament building)

He sent them to concentration camps. Meanwhile, Hindenburg dead and Hitler declared his dictatorship. Hitler had people who opposed to him killed in The Night of Long Knives (Jun 30, 1934 – Jul 02 1934). He suspended press. expression, public freedom. He had 6 million Jews killed. He made bar of soap from the skins of Jews. 

Let me explain how cruel he was. Just because of wondering the conscience of a mom, he put some moms to huge boilers with their babies. He warmed the boilers gradually. Eventually they put their babies to the floor and stepped onto babies to avoid getting burned. He has still some psychological problem left from his childhood. His therapists would say like that, not me. 

He committed suicide with his spouse Eva Braun on 30 April 1945 in the Führerbunker in Berlin after it became clear that Germany would lose the Battle of Berlin, which led to the end of World War II in Europe. 

(The place where Adolf Hither committed suicide) 

He was such ambitious that he ordered to attack deliberately the German civilians would die. He would want to establish a Germany Empire and make it live over a thousand years. But he could not do that, disregarding lives of other. While World War II, the generals under him did not fulfil his orders, They could not do his orders blatantly killing the German civilians. 

Yep, maybe he was a person desperate to love of country but the uncontrollable power is not a power… 

Adolf HITLER (20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) 


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