Ismail Enver Pasha

İsmail Enver Pasha was born on 23 November 1881 in İstanbul. Enver Pasha was an Ottoman Minister of War who formed one-third of the triumvirate known as the “Three Pashas”, along with Talaat Pasha and Cemal Pasha, in the Ottoman Empire. Due to his father’s appointment  he had to move to Manastır (A city in Balkans) when he was a boy. Enver Pasha went to Manastır Military Secondary School when he was 8 years old. In 1893 Enver Pasha went to Manastır Military High School and he graduated in 1896. Enver Pasha went to the Academy of War and he graduated in 1899 and became an infantry lieutenant. When he was at the Academy of War he got arrested for a while and then he was released. In 1903 he joined some operations carried out for the task of monitoring and punishing the Bulgarian gangs.


On 24 June 1908 his group (committee of union and progress) overthrew Abdulhamid II (34th Ottoman Sultan and 113th caliph), and İsmail Enver Pasha became ‘Hero of Freedom’. On 5 March 1909 Enver Pasha became a Military Attache in Berlin and during this mission, he was introduced to German culture and was very impressed.


In 1911 he participated in the Trablusgarp War and fought against Italians. In the First Balkan War, The Ottoman Empire lost the city of Edirne but in the Second Balkan War, Enver Pasha reclaimed Edirne and was given the title of ‘Edirne conqueror”.


Enver Pasha played a significant role in entering the first World War. Enver Pasha conducted the Sarikamis operation ın 1914 (Ottomans’ first front in WW1) but Enver Pasha gave the command to Hafiz Hakki Pasha but unfortunately Hafiz Hakki Pasha failed the Operation Sarikamis and stated that: ‘My god! I caused this disaster and I will fix it again’.The Ottomans were defeated on the Palestine front due to Mustafa Kemal Pasha’s actions (he withdrew from the front without notice, allowing the English army to break through the Palestinian line and sweep through the Ottoman army), which led to the Ottoman Empire withdrawing from World War One.. When World War 1 finished Enver Pasha resigned from his military position and went to Germany with a submarine.


 ONEIn 1919 the Military Court decided to give supreme punishment to Enver Pasha. In 1921 Enver Pasha and some old Ottoman Pashas (Kuscubasi Haci Sami Bey and some of them )  went to Turkistan to fight against the Soviets but on 4 August 1922 Enver Pasha was killed by the Soviet Army in Eid Qurban.

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