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“Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, has a sacred history for a town; it is the first qibla of Islam, our second holy site (for Muslims), and one of the holy centers of the three major religions (Islam, Judaism, Christianity).

Now, let me give you a brief overview: Jerusalem or Yerushalayim is an ancient city built on a plateau in the Judean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea in the Canaan region of the Middle East. Why is Jerusalem important for Islam: For Sunni Muslims, Jerusalem is the second holiest city after Mecca and Medina. In Islam, Jerusalem became the qibla in the year 610 AD, and according to the Quran, Muhammad ascended from this city during the Night Journey ten years later. For Judaism, Jerusalem is the holiest city because, according to the Torah, King David of Israel built it as the capital of the United Kingdom of Israel, and his son King Solomon established the first temple within the city.

Now, the question arises: Why are Jews currently allegedly persecuting in Jerusalem? If it’s solely based on what is written in the Torah, there shouldn’t be a directive to massacre people, as they are currently accused of conducting a major massacre there. Everyone must be wondering: WHY IS ISRAEL?”


Enes Yıldız

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