Mostar Bridge of Bosnia

aerial view of the arch stari most or old bridge crossing the neretva river in bosnia and herzegovina

Mostar Bridge is a historical bridge that has become the symbol of the city of Mostar, located in the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This impressive bridge is located over the Neretva River and dates back to the Ottoman Empire. The Mostar Bridge was built by Architect Hajrudin who is a student of Architect Sinan in 1566 and has since then  become one of the most well-known structures in the region.

Mostar Bridge is considered an example of harmonious use of stone and wooden materials. The bridge has an arch-shaped structure and is 29 meters high and 30 meters long. This elegant structure is considered an example of the engineering and architectural skills of the Ottoman period. The aesthetic value of the bridge is still preserved after the restoration of the original structure.

Mostar Bridge was damaged and destroyed in 1993 during the Bosnian War. However, with the help of the international community and the efforts of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the bridge was rebuilt in 2004. This reconstruction project was carried out with great care in preserving the original features of the bridge.

The reconstruction of the bridge brought together the history, culture and society of Mostar, bringing great vitality to the region. Today the Mostar Bridge is a major tourist attraction for visitors. Traditional diving competitions are also held on the bridge, and brave divers jump from 29 meters into the River Neretva.

The Mostar Bridge has served as a cultural and historical symbol where people have come together since the 16th century. This elegant and impressive bridge is a monument reflecting the history, heritage and culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visitors come to this fascinating city to discover the historical and aesthetic beauty of the bridge, while also experiencing the power of hope and solidarity thanks to the reconstruction of the Mostar Bridge.


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