Unveiling the Interconnected Events: Factors Leading to the Ottoman Empire’s Decline

Established in 1299, the Ottoman Empire was officially abolished in 1923. This great state, which endured for 624 years, succeeded in dominating a vast geography, reaching twenty-four million square kilometers. The political, military, and administrative structure of the institutions of such a magnificent state must be examined from every angle. Undoubtedly, these institutions are a crucial factor in the rise of the state and its expansion across wide territories. The Ottoman Empire, with all its institutions and experiences, was a remarkable state worthy of being taken as an example. Therefore, the events that led to the deterioration of this structure should be examined in detail.

Evaluations, such as the establishment, rise, expansion, disintegration, and destruction of the Ottoman state, were made in context. Instead of attributing the collapse of the Ottoman Empire to general reasons, all factors should be considered to understand the real causes behind the state’s downfall. It is apparent that, along with all the reasons, the three significant Zionist Jewish assassinations, which we will discuss later, are not factors that can be ignored. These events, often overlooked in writings, are among the events that actually contributed to the collapse of the state. In other words, these events should not be viewed as isolated incidents occurring spontaneously in different periods and ways, but as interconnected events within a planned process that brought about serious consequences.

When evaluating all the events that harmed the Ottoman Empire collectively, it will be better understood from which quarters and through what planned processes sabotage, assassinations, and coups against the state were carried out. In this context, to better comprehend the factors that affected the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, we will try to discuss the events that led to its downfall as a series of interconnected events. Thus, we will see what kind of plan the state collapsed under, as a result of consistent intrigues carried out step by step.

The three major Zionist Jewish assassinations mentioned above, which are among the crucial reasons that gradually led the state to the process of collapse, are not conspiracy theories. I wish they were conspiracy theories. A conspiracy theory is a definition that can be proposed when the opinions expressed lack evidence and solid data. The Zionist Jewish mischief, central to this study, is a historically documented reality. The assassination of Mehmet the Conqueror cost the Ottoman Empire thirty years. The next blow to the state was the deliberate disruption of the Janissary Corps order, the striking force of the Ottoman Empire during the reign of Murad III. It was abolished by Mahmud II in 1826, citing justification. Under the influence of the anti-militarist sentiment that emerged after Napoleon’s invasion of Europe, the abrupt abolition of the two-hundred-thousand-strong Janissary Corps left the Ottoman Empire without an army and defenseless. One of these blows was the unjust execution of Mustafa Pasha.

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