Wyh Google Pixel Phones Are Not Sold In Turkey?

Google, released Pixel that its own phone family to limited number of contries till today. Unfortunately we are still not among these countries. Well, why Google does not sell Pixel phones to our country?

Google that started its own way as a search engine and continues as a tech-giant, as well as its digital services it is a telephone producer. Google that got into the market with Nexon series on 2010 and continued with Pixel, Unfortunatelly does not sell any Nexon or Pixel series to Turkey. Well, Why do not Google’s smartphones, which we met the lastest Pixel 7 family, come to Turkey? We can see that we love android operating system when we take a look at the selling of smart phones at Turkey. We can think that the phones, which provide Google’s pure android experience, would be successful in our country when we look at only the data that based on these informations. But that’s not the case.

First of all let’s learn where Pixel pones are sold in:

Google sell Pixel phones and all other devices to just 17 contries at the present time. These primary countries are USA, Canada and only some selected Europe countries. And The company increased this number to 17 with Pixel 7. The countries that google will release its products are devoloped countries like Netherlans, Norway, Denmark, Sweden.

Why Google does not sell its producs to Turkey or other contries: There is no offical statement from the company!

Unfortunately, Google has not shared an offical statement that is based on answer of this question yet. So, the continuation of article consists of assumption.

Possible reasons why Google only sells in certain countries:

1- It is not in an active position;

Google is not so new to the smartphone sector. The company released the phone which featured the first android version with its partner HTC on 2007, and it launched the production of Nexus mark on 2010 in-house. But Pixel replaced Nexus on 2016. But google remained as a speck if we compare it with giant producers of smartphone, although it is on the sector all these years.

Google was able to increase its share in its homeland by only 2% in the sixth month of this year. In USA market, share of Apple is 59%, while Samsung’s 26%, and even Motorola has 9% share. But somehow google could not reached high market share. So, google probably tries to choose selected market where it may be heard and successful.

2- A product is not sold in one fell swoop;

When you be a phone producer, you are not be able to say “Let’s sell that phone” to your team, even if you do, it is not sold so easily. For this, there are macro and micro-level backgrounds such as production, sending to the user and marketing. Google could not reached to a level to race with other android producer and appeal to whole world yet.

In addition to increasing production, Google will be responsible for being comply the laws and rules of region where Google release its phones and products. New languages will be added to phones if necessary, New arrangements will be made to works current services in these countries.

In thecountries, technical services will be established, dealerships will be gave, workforce should be consisted for technical services and customers. And this list is countless.

3- There are also the segment it competes in and competitors in other segments;

Google is on middle-upper segment thanks of its Pixel but at the same time it causes increasing of diversity of rival. Pixel devices, are compared with both Iphone/Galaxy SXX series and lower segment android devices. But if we just look at android side. we can see phones that are cheaper than Pixel and has enough features for a lot of customers.

Well, this concept of ‘enough’ based on prices too in countries like Turkey. Google Pixel phones whose price starts from 600 dollars, if it would come to Turkey probably would start from 22 thousand TL. If we consider the prices of telephones that is 14-15 thousand TL on average, prices of phones of Google is higher than concept of enough. It is useful to know that there are medium and low-medium segment phones.

So, if Google launch the selling to Turkey, it will not be able to reach the success it want because of especially its Chinese rivals. Despite these reasons, if the company observe an increasing of demand to Pixel phones, maybe it thinks that it can have a important position on the market and suddenly decide to make a sale to Turkey.

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