Before Ramadan

Ramadan has always had a different  impact on all Muslims. I believe that this is a unique time for Muslims all around the world to reunite. Especially the days before and after Ramadan. For example in Türkiye’s main news bulletins huge differences can be seen between the day before and the day after Ramadan. You can never see any news about Palestine or Al-Quds. To give an example:

“ 7 people are arrested and 5 of them are children” AA

This incident just happened at Miraj while we were talking about being Muslim. Actually this is another problem. We are always talking but never taking action. Unfortunately we are not sincere to God or our muslim brothers and sisters. Thus we can talk about Al-Quds just in  Ramadan.

The worst thing is that we are not devotet as much as Jews are. We as Muslims mostly regard Islam as salah and fasting… of course physical worship is important but Islam is not just physical worship. Imagine a prophet came to accomplish decent manner whereas his indecent mannered ummah. I believe good deeds only from Ramadan to Ramadan will not matter. Actually I know that our problem is not manners , faith or something else. I know that we have more important work and goals like having a brand new car or a huge comfortable house. I am not sure where we need to start transforming but we definitely need to. Maybe we can start from changing ourselves. Why not start this Ramadan..?”


Tahsin Kerim Polat

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