Controllable Lightning

Scientists managed to change the  direction of lightning by using laser. The Scientists experimenting on a  mountain in Switzerland, has managed to change the direction of
lightning for the first time. According to a research done by scientific journal Nature Photonics, that technology can maintain the  critical infrastructures such as power plants, airports and launch pads from lightning. The linghtnings may cause billions of dollars in damage to airports and launch pads. Even may cost human life. The lightning shields are known as the best lightning protection way. These are placed on buildings and contain sharp rod named Franklin rod. The rods in question try to dissipate the energy of lightning by connecting them to metal cables lying on the ground. The rod, invented by Franklin in 18th centuries, is the oldest known protection way. Aurélien Howard from the French National Scientific Research Center and his colleagues wanted to find a better way to protect from lightning. Increasing extreme weather events caused by climate changes shows that
protection from lightning is being more important. Therefore the scientists observed the lightning on Säntis Mountain in Switzerland for hours. The developed laser device was installed near a telecommunication tower  that had been struck by lightning for over 100 times in a year. Short and intense laser pulses were sent to the clouds during the storm. The researchers have clarified that they changed the way of 4 lightnings expected to stick on the tower by this method. Throughout the experiment, 12 lightnings stroke on the tower, during laser was inactive. The research article states, “This area of research has been very active for over 20 years”: 

“However, this is the first field study to experimentally demonstrate that laser pulses direct lightning.”

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